0002382240 Bearing for baler bearings used in agricultural machinery

0002382240 Bearing is used for Bundle of grass machine,0002382240 Bearing consist is agricultural bearing and working together with Bale including chassis, axle, wheel, feeding mechanism driven shaft, a driven sprocket, clutch, clutch pawl, active sheave, table, sheave, ropes, levers, return torsion spring etc; as well as the drive sprocket clamping mechanism, the clamping mechanism driven shaft, the shaft also has a clutch, the clutch pawl, and limit ratchet driven sprocket clamping mechanism, the clamping mechanism initiative sheave return twist spring, there is a fan wheel, fan wheel, rope clamps and brackets, rope and so on. Bale advantage is fast, saving labor,0002382240 Bearing widely used in agricultural machine.
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We accepted DHL,FEDEX,TNT express for small order and samples order,also the transportation By AIR or By Sea,by Train are all avaiable.we are sure we can ship our 0002382240 bearings to your office at the first time.More technical details,please contact with :
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Agricultural bearing

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